Ever since the Net Promoter methodology was developed back in 2003, businesses have calculated their NPS scores to better understand customer sentiment. Nowadays, software makes it easy to collect scores and responses so you can track NPS data over time.

We’re excited to announce our integration with Delighted, the leading platform for capturing NPS data. Integrating NomNom with Delighted allows you to consolidate NPS scores and responses with customer feedback from other sources, making it possible to do comprehensive customer research.

Highlight and share Delighted feedback with team members:Delighted-2

When you connect your Delighted data to NomNom, NPS scores and customer feedback are automatically organized alongside any other feedback you send to NomNom. You can then do customer research across all of your sources and highlight important pieces of feedback, tag feedback with keywords, and segment your research by detractors, passive users, and promoters.

Segment and filter customer feedback for deeper insights:Delighted-3

If you’re already a NomNom customer, simply navigate to your integrations page and select the Delighted icon to get started. You’ll be doing your best customer research in no time!

If you’re not a customer but want to learn more about integrating your Delighted data with NomNom, click here. 👈